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The San Francisco Symphony

Community of Music Makers
Community of Music Makers - The San Francisco Symphony
Community of Music Makers is a new program created expressly for adult amateur musicians who want to engage in the joys of making music with others, whether playing an instrument in a chamber group or orchestra or singing in a chorus. This performing arts video production showcases this wonderful program.

Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra

Concert Season Overview
Concert Season Overview - Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra
Nicholas McGegan, conductor narrates a series of seven performing arts videos which explore the composers, compositions and guest artists appearing in the PBO 2014-15 concert season.

San Francisco Classical Voice

Behind the Scenes at S.F. Opera's Ring
Behind the Scenes at S.F. Opera's Ring - San Francisco Classical Voice
A series of documentary web video music profiles sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts. SFCV takes you backstage to find out about all the myriad details that Wagner's The Ring requires in order for the saga to make it to the stage. There are small costume details, coordinating and running dozens of props across the entire epic, putting the supertitles together, insuring continuity in the production, coordinating the hundreds of music-and-stage-action cues, making rehearsal schedules work, plus inventing special effects, and more. This really is not your ordinary opera production.

The Crowden School

Where Music Changes Everything
Where Music Changes Everything - The Crowden School
The Crowden School is a day school for children in grades four through eight. It combines an intellectually engaging academic curriculum with a distinguished music program for students of strings and piano. This educational video production provides an overview of the curriculum.

Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra

Sessions - Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra
Discover Sessions, a different kind of concert, with conductor Nicholas McGegan and Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra. This program includes harpsichordist Robert Levin and fortepianist Ya-Fei Chuang performing a double concerto by C.P.E. Bach, as well as movements from a Haydn symphony. With wit and humor, Nic McGegan and his musicians take you on a Classical tour. This concert took place at the SFJAZZ Center, San Francisco, in February 2014.

San Francisco Classical Voice

Tales From the Musical Melting Pot
Tales From the Musical Melting Pot - San Francisco Classical Voice
In this video documentary, classical musicians do a lot more than just show up for their orchestra gigs. Here are true tales of the city from two musicians whose creativity defies categories. Harpist Boris Goldmund and tuba player Zachary Spellman are very different people, but they share the ability to see beyond the notes to the universals behind musical styles. Their tales are stories of creativity finding its own outlets among the possibilities of a great city.


Sympho's TOWER
Sympho's TOWER - Sympho
Sympho's immersive exploration and integration of sound and space is TOWER, a concert that placed performers and audience on the double-helix interior staircases of Ann Hamilton's stunning 80-foot-tall sculpture and arts venue in California, set amidst the picturesque vistas of the Sonoma wine country. The event featured newly-commissioned music by composers Christopher Bono, Paul Haas, and Bora Yoon, played by Sympho under Haas's direction.

The San Francisco Symphony

Donor 'Thank You' Video
Donor Thank You Video - The San Francisco Symphony
A holiday video thanking all the generous donors for their support of the San Francisco Symphony. They, along with many volunteers, are a huge part of what makes music possible at the SF Symphony.

New Century Chamber Orchestra

20th Anniversary
20th Anniversary - New Century Chamber Orchestra
This non-profit video production celebrates the 20th Anniversary of the New Century Chamber Orchestra, one of only a handful of conductorless ensembles in the world. With internationally-renowned violin soloist Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg at the helm, the Orchestra has earned a reputation as the finest string orchestra in the nation, beloved for its on-fire, electrifying performances.

The San Francisco Symphony

CD Release
CD Release
A promotional video highlighting the powerful and moving music by Tchaikovsky in this all-new release from Michael Tilson Thomas and the San Francisco Symphony.

Crowden School

30th Anniversary Gala
30th Anniversary Gala - Crowden School
A fundraising video used to highlight the school's curriculum and programs for their fundraising gala.

Fremont Symphony

West Meets East Concert
30th Anniversary Gala - Crowden School
Conductor Maestro Michael Morgan leads the final concert of the Fremont Symphony season in a gorgeous expression of Fremont's Indian heritage.

The San Francisco Symphony

Beethoven CD Release
San Francisco Symphony - Beethoven CD Release
A promotional video featuring Emanuel Ax in this all Beethoven release from Michael Tilson Thomas and the San Francisco Symphony.

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